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Mothers Day Sunday 26th of March

Out of ideas of what to get mum for Mothers day? Pop into the garden centre this weekend! We have lots of lovely plants perfect for mum such as Lavender, Hydrangeas, Daffodils, Peace lilies, Roses, Erysimum 'Bowles mauve' and much more. We also have lots of garden...

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Unusual Plants In Stock This Month

This month we have been lucky enough to source some unusual or hard to get plants. We have a limited quantity of these plants so get them whilst you can as we may not be able to get them later in the season.                ...

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March: Hydrangeas £19.99 each or 2 for £30 Small pot fruit £2.99 each or 4 pots for just £10 Ivy Small pots £1.99 each or 6 for £10 Large pots £3.99 each or 4 for £10 1ltr pot Rosemary £4.49 each or 2 for £8 Small Cacti and Succulents £1.99 each or 6 for £10 Everyone...

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Houseplants make a home

'House plants are more than just decoration to me: they are the other inhabitants of my house. They turn a room into a living space, breathing life in to my interiors. They say: someone lives here;someone calls this home.'  Sally Cullen  the Guardian Houseplants can...

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