Acacia dealbata

Jan 30, 2024 | Currently in stock, Gardening News

Acacia dealbata also known as Mimosa or the silver wattle tree are now in stock. As some of you may know, we had a very mature acacia growing in the garden centre for many years. Sadly, we lost it in January due to the strong winds. It is one of the most beautiful trees to have in garden. Acacia have feather like, silver foliage which is evergreen provides the garden with dappled shade through the year. In the spring, bright yellow pompom shaped flowers appear. Honey scented; Acacia is a delight for the grower as well as garden pollinators.

These fast-growing evergreen trees are ideal for growing in sunny but sheltered gardens in London. Although they are Australian natives, they are hardy down to -5 degrees as long as they are grown in the right conditions and given some winter protection.


Mimosa prefer a sunny spot in the garden which is sheltered from the winter wind. They should be planted in well-draining soil. Add a layer of grit or gravel to the bottom of the planting hole along with an inch or so of John innes No3. A sprinkle of rootgrow and then place the Acacia directly on top. Back fill with More john innes ensuring it is firmly compacted. Keep well-watered when in flower and during hot summers. In the autumn your Mimosa will benefit from a thick layer of mulch around the rootball. Wrap with a few layers of horticultural fleece for the winter.

Acacia can be grown in a pot for the first few years but would benefit from planting in the ground within a few years.

Consider underplanting Acacia with Cyclamen coum, Narcissus, Crocus and primula for a colourful spring display.

Mature Height: 12m      Flowers: Late Winter / Early spring    Prune: After flowering

Acacias are limited in stock and only available to us now so get one whilst you can!


Acacia 5ft tall £59.99

Did you know that Acacia dealbata has become the flower representing International Womans Day. (8th March)

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