Christmas Tree Care & important information about your tree

Christmas Tree Care & important information about your tree

by | Nov 7, 2023

How to maintain your Christmas Tree

When your Christmas Tree arrives at your South London home, remove the netting immediately. Ideally, do this outside. Once the netting is removed give your Christmas Tree a good shake. You will notice that many needles fall off. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. It is just old needles or needles damaged by the netting. Once shaken out, your Christmas Tree will not lose many more needles if you look after it.

Increase the life span of your Christmas Tree

If the tree is not needed in the home immediately, you should leave your Christmas Tree in the garden or a cool place in a bucket of water until it is required indoors. This will greatly improve the longevity of your Christmas Tree.

Installing your Christmas Tree

Once your Christams Tree is in the home it should be positioned well away from a heat source such as radiators or the fireplace (Heat is the enemy!). Whilst your tree is lying on the floor, the Christmas Tree stand should be attached to the tree securely. Ensure the Christmas Tree stand is the correct size for the height of your tree to reduce the chances of it falling over.

Now is also a good time to remove any lower branches that may look out of shape. Once the stand is attached stand the tree upright. Fill your stand with water. Check your stand every other day and top it up with water as needed. Failing to keep your Christmas Tree watered may cause your tree to dull in colour, branches will start to curl up and needles will drop off.

Important Christmas Tree information

Christmas Trees are graded and measured for height well before they are cut from the field. Your Christmas Tree may arrive taller than you expected as we use the trade standard for measuring. This means your Christmas Tree has been measured from the bottom of the stump up to the crown of the tree.

The crown is where small branches meet near the top of the tree and before the leader starts. The leader is the tall straight branch you will top with a star. So, if you find your tree is slightly too tall you can either take a slight slice off the stump using a saw or you can cut the leader stem.

Measuring a Christmas Tree at The Secret Garden Centre, South London, SE19

Where we source our Christmas Trees

All our trees are supplied by UK growers. This ensures great quality and reduces the number of miles they have travelled. All of our suppliers are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. Your tree will have been cut from a field just a week or so before you purchase it ensuring the best quality and longevity.

Please note: Christmas Trees are classified as perishable goods. For this reason, we are unable to offer refunds on them.

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