Scientific studies suggest that you can beat the January blues with some January Green. Decorating the home with all things natural including houseplants does wonders for mind and body. Bringing nature into the home after the glitz and glitter of Christmas and new year can significantly boost your mood, reduce stress and even improve ADHD symptoms and bodily aches and pains.

Many of us are taking part in ‘Dry January’ so why not take the opportunity to cleanse the air of your home as well.

Plants such as Cerapegia woodii (Hearts on a string), Sanseveria (mother-in-laws tongue), Chlorophytum (spider plant), Spathyphylum (peace lily), Draceana (Dragon tree) and even Ficus (weeping fig) all have detoxifying abilities as well as helping you sleep better and pumping Oxygen into you home. These plants especially ivy are good at removing mold spores from the air too.


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