‘House plants are more than just decoration to me: they are the other inhabitants of my house. They turn a room into a living space, breathing life in to my interiors. They say: someone lives here;someone calls this home.’  Sally Cullen  the Guardian

Houseplants can add atmosphere, colour and even an element of fun. They can be used as an inexpensive art installation, a table centre piece at a dinner party or simply as an impressive stand alone piece.


The perfect plant for the perfect place

No matter the size of your home, you can always fit in a houseplant or two or even three. The key is finding the right plant for the right place in your home. Cacti for instance originate from extremely dry climates which get lots of sun. So if you would like a cacti in your home you need to replicate its natural habitat. Placing your cacti in a damp bathroom with no natural light is not going to work and bare skin and cacti do not mix!

Plants for a bathroom with low light levels

Plants which naturally thrive in tropical rain forests will work well in most bathrooms

Plants for a sunny kitchen

Succulents and cacti are perfect in warm, sunny kitchens. They are low maintenance, clean and tidy. Aloe vera is perfect in the kitchen as it is good for treating burns.

Plants for a bright living room

Large plants are great statement pieces but if you do not have the floor space you can create the same effect with a trailing plant. Add a hook to your ceiling or just sit one on the top of a book shelf.

Plants for the bedroom

Plants in the bedroom can be calming and good for your health as they cleanse the air of toxins.

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