What makes our Christmas trees so special?

We have been supplying Christmas trees to homes, schools and churches in and around Crystal palace since 1985. Our customers come back year after year for the perfect tree not just because of the free robin which comes with the tree, but because of the outstanding quality and service we provide.

Where do our trees come from?

Our Nordman firs come from growers called Emerald in Wexford, Ireland who manage over 350 hectares of Christmas tree plantations. Emerald is the largest grower & supplier of quality Christmas trees across the U.K and Ireland . Our traditional spruce trees come from just down the road in Kent from Merrywood Farm (a small family run business) . All of the trees are grown from specially selected seeds from proven sources. Each tree is lovingly shaped by hand to ensure the best possible shape for your home. These trees are all cut from the plantations just a short time before they are delivered to us and the fields are then replanted for future years.

Our container grown trees also come from Ireland and Kent. All of these trees are guaranteed container grown – not field grown in pots where crucial roots have been cut. With some basic care these trees will live for years.

All of our growers are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association.

How to care for you Christmas tree?

This advice come from the British Christmas tree growers association.

Cut Trees

It is essential that cut trees should be fresh when purchased. The needles should not be dull and dried up. The branches should not be brittle. The outer needles should not fall off if the tree is gently shaken.
After you have bought your tree it should be kept outside in a cool shaded place, preferably standing in water, until it is required indoors. Before bringing the tree indoors it is an advantage if about half an inch is cut off the butt in order to open up the pores of the tree. Mount it in a water-holding stand or wedge it in a bucket with pebbles, small stones or screwed up newspaper, and place it away from direct heat. Keep the container topped up with water every day; you will be surprised how much it needs.

Container grown trees

These are trees that have been grown for at least one season in their pots. It is often possible to lift the whole root system out of the pot and see the closely woven root which has grown in the pot. The trees themselves should look fresh. The trees will be small and seldom more than three foot. The trees should be watered and cared for as for any house plant.After Christmas they can either be planted out with a very good chance of success or they can be left to grow on in their pot, but it is much better in this case to re-pot the tree in a larger pot. It is seldom possible to re-pot trees in this way for more than one season.
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