Planting for spring

Feb 19, 2024 | Currently in stock, Gardening News, Seasonal Advice

Have you started planting for spring? We have a lovely selection of bulbs, perennials, bedding plants and more all for planting for spring colour. The weather is mild and damp, so it is the perfect time to get planting and prepare the garden.

Spring flowering bulbs

If you did not get the chance to plant bulbs in the autumn, we have a good selection growing in pots which are ideal to plant for spring colour. Bulbs are now budding up and are ready to be transplanted into patio containers or the border. Daffodils, Tete a Tete, Snakes head Fritillaries, Snowdrops, Bluebells, Tulips and Alliums are now in stock.

Spring flowering Perennials

Many woodland plants come into flower in the spring as well as alpine perennials.

Cyclamen coum is looking fantastic! These hardy cyclamen have smaller flowers than the bedding types but they flower more profusely and are much more low maintenance. Ideal for growing at the base of tree or shrubs or to fill in gaps. They are happy in pretty much any soil type in full or part shade. Over the years they will multiply with little intervention and form a carpet. A must have in any woodland garden.

Cyclamen Coum
Saxifrage to plant in march

Mossy Saxifrage is in bud and will continue to flower throughout the spring and will quite possibly rebloom in the summer if the conditions are right. These mound-forming alpines work well in full sun or part shade and can be grown in pots or in the border if the soil has good drainage. Growing to a mighty 15cm tall and a spread of 30cm. Available in shades of white, pink, red and even lime green.

Native Primroses are in flower now and looking delightful. They are ideal for planting amongst woodland perennials and ferns. Their pale-yellow flowers with an orange centre are attractive to early appearing bees and are full of nectar. They can be planted in containers but look fantastic in the border. Ideal for shade or sun in moist soil.

Aubretia is budding up and will be blooming shortly. Aubretia are trailing / creeping perennials making them ideal for growing at the front of raised bed or pots as well as in rockeries.

Aubretia - Planting for spring

Shrubs and trees for spring colour

Acacia are in full bloom now. We will only have them in stock for a short while so get one whilst you can. We also have ornamental Cherry trees in stock for spring blossom. Cornus siberica is looking fantastic with its bright red bare stems. They look particularly good when underplanted with snopdrops. Forsythia, Peris, Camillias and Weigela will all be in bloom soon so now is the perfect time to get them planted.

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