Rose bushes and Climbers

Rose bushes are available in many forms. They provide the garden with colourful flowers and scent through the year. Keep rose bushes well fed and dead-head regularly in the summer months. Rose bushes and climbers can be grown in good sized patio pots or in the border along side shrubs and perennials.

Roses with colourful flowers

Roses can be grown in pots or in the border.

Rose bushes

Rose bushes are available as smaller growing patio roses, large shrub roses, climbing roses, rambling roses and even ground cover roses. As a result of a little attention, Shrub and patio roses will make a beautiful display of flowers for many months. Easy to grow in the heavy clay of south London which is why you can see them in most gardens. All roses will thrive in full sun, but they can cope well in a slightly shaded spot. At The Secret Garden we have regular deliveries from David Austin Roses. Many of David Austin roses have the old-fashioned qualities of scent and shape plus improved resistance to disease and rain damage. More importantly, David Austin plants have a longer flowering season. Available all year round, roses can be planted at any time if the ground is not frozen or waterlogged.

Rose ‘Olivia rose Austin’ –  Boosting beautiful blooms in addition to delightful scent. Pretty buds open into cupped roseetes of mid pink colour. The fragrance of Olivia rose Austin is a medium fruity scent. Early season flowering therefor a great addition to the border. Named after the daughter of David Austin Junior and granddaughter of David Austin Senior.

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Climbing plants are a great way of adding colour and height to a garden. They transform boring fences, empty brick walls also the front of house. Dwarf clematis are ideal for growing in pots against a trellis in small gardens or on a balcony. Climbing plants can be deciduous plants or evergreen with attractive foliage, flowers, berries or scent. Climbers are valuable source of pollen, nectar and berries, therefore great great at attracting native wildlife. The most popular climbers are Jasmine, Wisteria, Clematis, Honeysuckle, and passion flowers, as a result of this, you can find them all year long.

Evergeen climber jasmine


Trachelospremum are one of our favorite climbers. They easily climbs up a trellis in a bright spot. Grown for many reasons. Firstly they are evergreen and produce red tipped foliage in the autumn and spring. Secondly the flowers are scented and thirdly they are easy to grow.

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