Trees and Shrubs

Tree and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are the backbone of any garden design. They provide shape, structure, and colour, to the garden all year round. We stock an excellent selection of trees and shrubs throughout the year, but some are best planted in the colder months.

Ornamental Trees

Visitors can find Acers, Amalanchia, Betula, Birch, Cercis, Cherries, Cornus, Liquid Amber, Magnolia, and Sorbus in our tree section most of the year.

Fruit trees can also be found in our tree section of the garden centre.

For advice on planting trees visit the RHS.

Trees and Shrubs

Acers or Japanese Maple

Acers are magnificent trees for urban gardens. Their colourful foliage provides interest for many months of the year. The fresh growth in the spring is a blaze of reds, oranges, and yellows. Fading to greens or dark reds for the summer, followed by another showy display in the autumn before dropping their leaves for the winter. Acers are smaller growing trees, which makes them ideal for planting into large patio pots and the border. They are best grown in dappled light or full shade, in a spot protected from strong winds. To give Acers the best start, we recommend planting into Ericaceous compost. There is no need for pruning, but you may need to trim off small amounts of die back in the spring.

Autumn cherry blossom

Ornamental Cherry trees

Ornamental cherry trees thrive in small gardens. They provide beautiful blossoms in the spring or in the autumn. Two of our favourite ornamental Cherries are Prunus ‘Kanzan’ and Prunus ‘Autumnalis’.

Prunus ‘Kanzan’ is one of the most popular of the flowering cherry trees. Ruffled petals form blousy, double blooms of dark pink from March along with bronze, coloured leaves that change to mid-green and then burnt orange for the autumn. ‘Kanzan’ grows well in most situations as long as the soil has good drainage in the winter. Growing to a maximum of 6m tall and 4m wide in 20 years.

Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ is an elegant, winter-flowering cherry. Dark pink buds unfurl to semi-double, white blooms that are often tinged with light pink from as early as October and often until April. Dark green leaves change to shades of orange and yellow in the autumn. Growing to a maximum of 4m tall and wide in 20 years.


Our selection of shrubs is extensive throughout the year. Whether you need evergreen shrubs, shrubs for a dry spot or for the shade, we have a lot of choices for you.

Azaleas, Berberis, Camilliia, Choisya, Euonymus, Forsythia, Hebe, and much more are available almost all year long.

lace-cap Hydrangea shrub


Hydrangeas are highly popular shrubs that thrive in a bright spot or light shade. Large, blousy blooms are comprised of many smaller individual flowers on top of lush green foliage. The flowers range in shape depending on variety such as Hydrangea ‘Annabell’ with large ball-shaped blooms or Hydrangea ‘Paniculata’ with its cone-shaped blooms. Mop-head Hydrangeas and lace-cap Hydrangeas are also very popular. Shades of blue, red, pink, and white are common for Mop-head varieties. Hydrangeas grow best in moist soil and out of direct sun. They will happily grow in the border or in large containers.



Cotinus or smoke bushes as they are known, are wonderful shrubs for the garden border. Their bold leaves provide a great backdrop for other plants. Varieties such as ‘Royal Purple’ and ‘Grace’ have ruby red leaves and plumes of smoke-like flowers in pink shades. The foliage changes to bright red in the autumn before dropping for the winter. ‘Golden Spirit’ and ‘Flame’ have bright green foliage with pink plumes, followed but a display of rich orange and yellow leaves in the autumn. Cotinus prefer to grow in a bright in bright spots of the garden. They can grow into large shrubs so they would be best planted within the border, in moist but free-draining soil.

Give new trees or shrubs the best start with:

  • Good soil. Most trees and shrubs will benefit from being planted into John innes No3 soil. Certain trees and shrubs such as Acers or Camillia will need Ericaceous soil.
  • Root-grow. Root-grow is a mycorrhizal fungal which helps the plant establish new roots and strong growth.