Winter Gardening Advice

winter gardening

Winter gardening is slow-paced, and is all about tucking the garden away for the dormant months and protecting plants from harsh weather.

Winter gardening tasks


Most plants in the garden do not require watering in the winter. Keep an eye on shrubs in pots and ensure they are moist but not water-logged. Make sure all saucers have been removed to prevent plants from rotting.

Keep a close eye on your houseplants. Now you are using your central heating, they may dry out faster. Mist regularly to combat the dry air. Stop watering cacti and succulents.


Plants in the garden no longer need feeding but apply a manure mulch to rose beds and vegetable patches will provide winter insulation and fertiliser for the following season.

Switch your summer citrus feed to a winter citrus feed.


Trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted as-long-as the ground is not water-logged or frozen.

Plant Indoor flowering bulbs such as Hyacinths, Amaryllis, and Indoor Narcissus.


Prune your Apple and Pear trees.

Other winter gardening tasks

Place terracotta pots onto pot feet to reduce the risk of frost damage.

Wrap tender plants in garden fleece and move to a sheltered spot.

Winter is the perfect time to clean out the shed, check the sow by dates on seeds, and do some tool maintenance. Wash any unused plastic and ceramic pots.

Make sure you regularly defrost and top up your bird bath with fresh water.

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