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Fertiliser & weedkiller

Fertiliser is used to improve the growth, health, yields, and flowering of plants. Plants grown in pots and containers require more regular feeding than plants in the ground. A good selection of organic and non-organic, feeds, weeds, and fungicides can be found at The Secret Garden. Please read the instructions on all products carefully before use.

Garden Fertilisers

fertilisers and weedkillers


Maxicrop is an organic plant growth stimulant made from seaweed extract.

Maxicrop Original has many uses. It can be applied to seedlings, perennials, herbs, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, and even houseplants.

Maxicrop Organic tomato food has the perfect balance of nutrients to grow strong and healthy tomato plants with high yields. It can also be applied to Peppers, Chillis, Lettuce, and other veg.

Maxicrop plus sequestered iron is the perfect fertiliser for acid-loving plants such as Acers, Camellias, and Heather.

fertilisers and weedkillers

Phostrogen Organic All-Purpose Liquid Feed

This all-purpose fertiliser is made from seaweed extract and balanced nutrients. This easy-to-use fertiliser is ideal for patio pot plants, window boxes, hanging baskets, and vegetable plants. Simply dilute into a watering can and water your plants. Always follow the dilution rates on the instruction label.

fertilisers and weedkillers


Bone meal is a natural fertiliser. Plants can absorb the nutrients from bonemeal efficiently due to longer periods of release in the soil. Packed with Nitrogen to support healthy growth, Calcium for strength, and Phosphorus for a healthy root system. Bonemeal is perfect for feeding trees, shrubs, hedging, and even root veg such as potatoes. Add 135g of bonemeal to the bottom of the planting hole for new trees and shrubs. Alternatively, scatter 135g to every square metre around the border and lightly fork over the soil avoiding roots.

fertilisers and weedkillers

Fish, Blood, & Bone

Fish, Blood, and Bone is an excellent natural plant food that promotes strong plant growth, greener foliage, healthy root systems, and more flowers, fruits, and vegetables. This easy-to-use formula requires no mixing or dilution. Scatter 70g (approximately 2 handfuls) of the pellets around your plant and water it in. You can also dig in lightly to the top of the soil if you prefer.  Apply every 4-6 weeks from March until October for the best results.

fertilisers and weedkillers


Growmore contains the three major nutrients for healthy plant growth in equal balance. This pelleted formula is easy to use and less attractive to foxes unlike Bonemeal or Fish, Blood, and Bone.

Home-made Garden Fertilisers

Believe it or not, you can make good fertiliser at home. Most leafy green plants can be harvested to make fertiliser but some plants make better fertiliser than others. Nettles and Compfrey make good fertilisers. You can steep the leaves in water to make a tea fertiliser. Once strained, this fertiliser will keep for around a year. You will need a well-sealed container for these as they do smell unpleasant.

Wood ash from fire pits and wood-burning stoves is also highly nutritious and easy to obtain. Worm castings and wormery tea is also good.

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We encourage customers to remove weeds by hand as much as possible. Mulching in around plants with bark or strulch will help suppress weeds. Cardboard can be placed on bare soil on the allotment to prevent weeds. Most weedkillers are not good for the environment. A choice of glyphosate and glyphosate-free sprays and concentrates can be found in The Secret Garden centre.

Garden Fungicides

The Secret Garden centre has a selection of fungicides that will treat the common fungal infections in your garden such as black spots, powdery mildew, and rust. You can reduce the spread of fungal infections by removing affected leaves from around the base of the plant and the plant itself. The leaves should be disposed of in your general waste bin but not your compost bin. Affected stems can be pruned out as well. Keep plants well watered in hot weather and increase airflow around the plant by ensuring they are not planted too closely together and regular pruning of excess growth. Frequent sterilisation of your garden tools will also prevent the spread of fungal infections.

Fungus defence<br />

Phostrogen Organic Fungus Plant Defence

Prevention is better than cure. This spray is a pretreatment to protect your plants from fungal infections. It creates a natural barrier that protects against fungal infections. It is perfect for use on plants that are prone to infections, such as roses to prevent black spots or monarda to prevent powdery mildew.

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