Fertilisers & Weedkillers

Fertiliser & weedkiller

The Secret Garden Centre has a wide selection of fertilisers & weedkillers. We often find that customers use too many fertilisers and weedkillers so we urge you to use these products with consideration and care.

Fertilisers aid the growth and health of plants. Fertiliser is particularly good to use on plants in containers as the plants will use up all of the nutrients in the soil quickly. Certain shrubs and plants need more feeding than others especially when they are not grown in their natural habitat.

Fertilisers & Weedkillers

Maxicrop Organic Fertilisers

Maxicrop is an organic fertiliser made with seaweed extract. It has been on the market for many years and has become a favourite amongst gardeners. It can be used on seedlings, bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Mxicrop organic feed can even be used on houseplants. (if you do not mind the smell). Maxicrop can boost the health of your plants, encourage strong new growth, more flowers, and higher fruit and veg yields.

Maxicrop also offers an Organic Tomato fertiliser that is tailored to produce strong tomato plants with disease resistance and high yield. It can also be used on peppers and chili plants.

Maxicrop is available in a liquid form that should be diluted before being applied to plants. The dilution rate varies depending on what you are using it for. Always read the instruction label on the back before use.

Phostrogen Organic Liquid plant feed

This evenly balanced fertilizer can be used for many different plants. We would recommend using this product every 2 weeks during the growing season. It is particularly suited to be used on hanging baskets, window boxes, and patio pot plants.

Did you know that you can make good fertiliser at home? Nettle tea, worm castings, wormery tea, steeped manure, and compost tea are all easy to make at home and good for the environment. You may need to apply them more often than the fertilsers in shops as they are less concentrated.

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Non-Organic fertiliser

Non-organic fertilisers are faster-acting and have a longer shelf life. We stock a large range of pelleted, liquid, and granular feeds.

Top Rose, Blood, Fish & Bone, Bone meal, Growmore, Miracle Grow slow release, Ericaceous feeds, and much more.

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Fertilisers & Weedkillers


We believe prevention is better than cure. Implementing good gardening practices can reduce the need to use chemical weedkillers on your garden. These few things can really reduce the spread of weeds in your garden and reduce the need for weedkiller application.

  • Exposed soil = Weeds. Cover exposed soil on the border with a thick mulch or even waste cardboard or plastic sheets, until you are ready to plant.
  • Plant ground covering plants to cover large exposed areas.
  • Hoe. Using a hoe, scrape up young weeds before they take hold.
  • Weed by hand. Yes, good old hard work and elbow grease.
  • Remove the flower heads from weeds such as dandelions to prevent them from going to seed and spreading further.

Weedkillers that do not contain Glyphosate are available in the shop but they are not the most reliable product. You will find a selection of weedkillers for tree stumps, perennial weeds, paths & driveways, lawns, and more in the shop.

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