Firewood & Barbeque Coal

Firewood & barbeque coal

Whether you need wood to fuel your log burner on a cold winter night or coal for the barbeque on a hot summer day, we have everything you need to get the flames right. Firewood & Barbeque coal can be found at The Secret Garden Centre throughout the year.

Firewood & barbeque coal

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Kiln-dried hardwood is the only wood we think you should use for your fireplace or wood-burning stove. They are easy to light with some kindling and keep you warm for hours. They can also be used in firepits and patio chimineas.

  • FCS Certified British hardwood.
  • Consistent moisture level of under 20%.
  • High heat output with less smoke.
  • Easy to light and long-lasting.


firewood & Babrbeque coal

Kiln Dried Kindling

A few pieces of kindling and some newspaper (or woodies fire lighters) are all you need to get your fire started and your toes warm. 

  • Kiln-dried wood which will reliably get your fire started.
  • Ideal for use in wood-burning stoves, open fires, pizza ovens, and fire pits.
  • Made from recycled waste wood.
firewood and babrbeque coal

Woodies Firelighters

Make lighting your firewood & barbeque coal even easier with these natural fire lighters.

  • Made from FSC-certified wood.
  • Easy to use.
  • 7-minute burn time
  • Made from wood shavings and wax. Thats all.
Firewood and barbeque coal

Instant Lighting Lumpwood Barbeque Coal

These bags of barbeque coal are ideal for when you decide to have a barbeque last minute. Don’t cook that steak in the kitchen. Light the coal and have your weekday dinner alfresco!

  • FCS certified.
  • Easy to light.
  • Ready to cook in 25 minutes.
  • No need for lighting fuel.
Firewood & Barbeque Coal

Lumpwood Barbeque Coal

This 100% natural lumpwood charcoal gives you 90 minutes of cooking time and is perfect for those big summer garden parties. 

  • FCS certified.
  • Easy to light.
  • Clean burning with no additives.
  • No need for lighting fuel.

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