Garden Pots & Containers

Garden pots

We stock a wide and varied selection of pots and containers for use in the home and the garden, from Recycled plastic, Terracotta, Glazed, to fibre clay or ceramic.

Garden pots and Containers

Basic plastic pots

Basic Plastic Pots

Our basic plastic pots are made with recycled plastic. They are available as small as 8cm in diameter and as large as 40cm in diameter. Available in Black, Green, and Terracotta shades with matching saucers.

These pots are perfect for planting seeds, potting up cuttings and young plants, and repotting houseplants.

Standard Terracotta pots

Standard Terracotta Pots and Saucers

A vast selection of standard terracotta pots and saucers can be seen all year round at the Secret Garden. The smallest size is 11cm in diameter and the largest is 47cm in diameter. We also have matching saucers. Frost resistant.

These traditional pots are perfect for sprucing up the patio on a budget and they work well for houseplants too.

Himalaya Terracotta containers

Himalaya Terracotta Planters

A classic design at an affordable price. These large planters have been heavily marked down in price. The largest size is ideal for planting small trees or large shrubs. Four sizes are available. These pots have minor imperfections which is reflected in the price. Hand-thrown and frost-resistant.

Garden pots and containers

Glazed pots

We always have glazed pots in stock. The designs and colours will differ from month to month but the Peacock and Cambridge egg pots are some of our favourites and we get them in regularly. Frost-resistant.

Garden pots and containers

Troughs and Window Boxes

The Verona window box is hand-thrown in Italy. They are available in two sizes and are frost-resistant. These weighty window boxes are ideal for use in windy locations. Once planted, the wind will not be moving them anywhere.

We also stock recycled plastic window boxes in a selection of sizes and colours. During the summer, we also have brackets to attach these boxes to your balcony.

Houseplant pots and containers

We carefully select a range of houseplant pots and containers to suit most home styles. We love pots with texture detail and unusual glaze effects. Most of the containers are made from ceramic or plastic but you will also find some metal, ratan, and woven baskets. Our selection can vary monthly depending on availability and our mood when buying.

Houseplant pots do not have a drainage hole so we do not recommend planting directly into them. Houseplants should be repotted into plastic pots before being displayed in the decorative houseplant pot. Remove your houseplants from the decorative pots when it’s time for watering. Your houseplants should never be sitting in water within their decorative pots.

Pots and Containers: Ivyline houseplant pots


Ivyline produces a large array of indoor pots and containers. Their textures and glazes make simple shaped pots easy to display in any home and complement houseplants’ foliage. Tiny pots are ideal for cacti and succulents up to large floor pots for specimen indoor plants.

pots and containers: Elho houseplant pots


Made from 100% recycled plastic. Do not let the word plastic put you off. These pots are sleek in design with subtle colours and textures. Not only can these pots be used in the home but they can be used in the garden also.

The Ocean collection has 3 sizes of pots in shades of blue and green. As the name suggests, these pots are made from marine plastics such as discarded nets and rope.