Garden Tools

Ames garden fork

We stock a wide range of manual garden tools, and other garden equipment to help you easily maintain your green space.

Shovels, spades, digging forks, rakes, hoes, hedging shears, secateurs, loppers, lawn edgers, weeding tools, and more.

Ames tools

Ames has been producing shovels and other garden tools in America since 1774. Originally for the gold mining and the agricultural industry. It made sense for them to move into hand tools for the home gardener. Rubber grip handles for comfort, FSC certified Ash wood shaft, and high-quality carbon steel.

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WOLF-Garten tools

WOLF-Garten has created a total gardening solution for all your gardening needs. The range includes a multi-change tool system and traditional hand tools. We like how hard-wearing yet lightweight their tools are. WOLF-Garten tools allow the home gardener to achieve the same results as professional gardeners.

Garden tool maintenance

Keeping your tools in good working condition is an important but often forgotten part of gardening. Good gardening tools are worth investing in and looking after. Once you have finished with your tools for the day it is a good idea to give them a basic clean. Wash off the mud and put them away in a dry spot.  Your tools should never be kept outside. The metal will rust and the wood will weaken. Any tools with a cutting blade should be sharpened regularly. If you are not confident enough to do this yourself at home it’s worth asking your local cobbler or key-cutting shop if they do it. After using bladed tools clean them off with either WD40 or a bleach solution. This will help prevent the spread of pests and diseases to your plants.

Visit the RHS for more info on tool maintenance

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