Hoses & Watering Cans

Hoses & watering cans

Water is one of the most valuable elements to any garden. With rising temperatures, it is even more important to use water more wisely, especially in the garden. Using a water butt, pot saucers, and mulching the garden can all help to reduce our water usage. You can find a selection of hoses and watering cans at The Secret Garden Centre.

Hozelock Watering Tools

The Secret Garden Centre has stocked Hozelock products for many years and believes it is the best brand for garden hoses and watering tools. You will see that we use Hozelock products ourselves to keep The Secret Garden Centre looking fab! The hoses are hard-wearing, easy to use, and reliable. We have a large selection of hoses, tap attachments, connectors, spray guns, soaker hoses, sprinklers, and more.

Hoses & watering cans

Multi-Spray Watering Gun

This spray gun is packed with 5 different spray functions making it perfect for watering and cleaning around the garden and home. Fill up the children’s paddling pool, wash the car, and water your plants, all with the same spray gun.

Hoses & watering cans

Select Hose Starter Kit

This kit contains everything you need to get started on watering your garden. The Select hose is hardwearing, and weather resistant with UV and frost protection technology. Made from 70% recycled PVC. The kit comes with a threaded tap connector, hose end connector, Aquastop connector, and spray end attachment. Hose Diameter 12.5mm.


Hoses & watering cans

Wall-mounted reel 30m

This reel can easily be mounted to a wall or fence to keep your hose organised. Keeping your hose off the ground and wound up will prevent damage and kinks in the hose.  This reel comes with 15m of 12.5mm hose. This reel will take up to 30m of hose so if you need more length you can simply add it on.


Hoses & watering cans

Soaker Hose

Hozelock’s porous soaker hose is easy to use and one of the simplest ways to create a time saving watering system anywhere in the garden. simply lay it around your border and attach your hose. Water will seep through the porous soaker hose and get water directly to the roots where it is needed most.


Hoses & watering cans

Round Sprinkler Plus

This high performance sled style sprinkler can water  up to 18m in radius. Easy to use and hardwearing. Place it where you need it, attach your hose, and turn the tap on. Not only is this sprinkler great for your plants, but your children will love it too.



Watering Cans

Most gardeners will need hoses and watering cans to be able to water the entire garden. Watering cans are perfect for the few pots near the front door, the balcony, or the parts of your garden that your hose won’t reach.

Hoses & watering cans

Basic Watering Cans

Our basic watering cans are robust, long-lasting, and no fuss. They also come with a basic watering rose.

Hoses & watering cans

HAWS  The Bartley Burbler Watering Can

Keep your houseplants and seedlings hydrated with the classic style of HAWS watering cans. Small but perfectly designed watering cans complete with brass rose. These cans are made from recycled plastic. Available in a range of colours.

Watering Can

HAWS  The Langley Sprinkler Watering Can

This small watering can is perfect for keeping houseplants watered. No need to store this can away. The beautiful design will not look out of place sat between your plants. Small but perfectly designed watering can complete with brass rose. These cans are made from recycled plastic. Available in a range of colours.

hoses & watering cans

ELHO Brussels Houseplant Watering Can

Made with recycled plastic and wind energy. Elho is making waves when it comes to enviromentally friendly plastics within the garden industry. These watering cans are 100% recyclable. Clean, modern, and simple design. Available in white, slate grey, and duck egg blue.

Water Saving Tips

Water is a valuable resource and should be used carefully. Here are a few tips to help reduce your water usage but keep your garden looking lush.

hoses and watering cans
  • Water your plants deeply but less often. One large, good soak of water is better than little and often. The roots of your plants will start to grow down in search of water rather than relying on you.
  • Saucers. Place saucers under patio pots and reuse the water.
  • Water-saving gel. Mix water-saving gel into compost when planting patio pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes. The gel will swell up with water and slowly release it as the soil dries.
  • Install a water butt. Use as much rainwater as you can. Even leaving a bucket out when it rains will help. Rainwater is better for houseplants also.
  • Visit the RHS for more watering tips.

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