Hoses & Watering Systems


We stock a good selection of Hoses & Watering cans to help you keep your garden looking lush even in hot weather.


We have been stocking Hozelock for many years and have found them to be one of the best brands. Hard-wearing, easy to use and reliable. We have a large selection of hoses, tap attachments, connectors, spray guns, soaker hoses, sprinklers and more.

Watering Cans

We have basic plastic watering cans which are perfect for everyday use in the garden. 10 litre £9.99 and 5 litre £6.99.

If you are looking for something a bit more decorative and harder wearing you should consider Haws watering cans. They also make great gifts.

Haws watering cans

Engineered from double recycled plastic and they help you use less water. Beautifully classic designs with an array of colours.

We stock a selection of small Haws watering cans which are ideal for watering your houseplants. These can also come with a removable mini rose.

Larger Haws watering cans can be ordered in for you. Just ask at the till.

Questions about our hoses & watering systems?